Just a way to display some of the photos I've taken…

France 2013

Arc-de-Triomphe-#1 Place-Charles-de-GaulleArc de Triomphe (#1), Place Charles de Gaulle

Appreciating-Fine-Art-The-LouvreAppreciating Fine Art, The Louvre

Escalier-a-Montmartre-#2-18e-arrondissementEscalier a Montmartre (#2), 18e arrondisement

Waterlilies-Monets-GardenWaterlilies, Monet’s Garden

Lower Chapel-Ceiling-La-Sainte-ChapelleLower Chapel Ceiling, La Sainte Chapelle

Place-du-Tertre-MontmartrePlace du Tertre, Montmartre

Grotesque-Notre-Dame-de-ParisGrotesque, Notre Dame de Paris

Morning-Sun-Through-Stained-Glass-Collegiale-Notre-Dame-de-VernonMorning Sun Through Stained Glass, Collegiale Notre Dame de Vernon

Sunday-Morning-Bd-Saint-GermainSunday Morning, Boulevard Saint Germain

Staircase-The-LouvreStaircase, The Louvre

Blue-Doors-Musee-RodinBlue Doors, Musee Rodin

Scooter-Rue-MontcalmScooter, Rue Montcalm

Rose-Windows-Notre-Dame-de-ParisRose Windows, Notre Dame de Paris

Rue-de-Saules-18e-ArrondissementRue de Saules, 18e arrondisement

Rowboats-Monets-GardenRowboats, Monet’s Garden

Chat-Noir-Cimetiere-de-MontmartreChat Noir, Cimetiere de Montmartre

Terminal-2E-Charles-de-Gaulle-AirportTerminal 2E, Charles de Gaulle Airport

Stained-Glass-La-Sainte-ChapelleStained Glass, La Sainte Chapelle

Haystacks-GivernyHaystacks, Giverny

Escalier-a-Montmartre-18e arrondissementEscalier a Montmartre (#1), 18e arrondisement

Nave-Collegiale-Notre-Dame-de-VernonNave, Collegiale Notre Dame de Vernon

Bamboo-Monets-GardenBamboo, Monet’s Garden

Sacre-Coeur-Basilica-MontmartreSacre Coeur Basilica, Montmartre

Staircases-Centre-PompidouStaircases, Centre Pompidou

Wednesday-Night-Rue-BertheWednesday Night, Rue Berthe

Metro-Stop-Pont-NeufMetro Stop, Pont Neuf

Arc-de-Triomphe-#2-Place-Charles-de-GaulleArc de Triomphe (#2), Place Charles de Gaulle

Grave-of-Vaslav-Najinsky-Cimetiere-de-MontmartreGrave of Vaslav Najinsky, Cimetiere de Montmartre

Dusk-Rue-Armand-GauthierDusk, Rue Armand Gauthier

Stained-Glass-Notre-Dame-de-ParisStained Glass, Notre Dame de Paris

Indifferent-Dog-Rue-des-PyramidesIndifferent Dog, Rue des Pyramides



One response

  1. marshallseidenphotography

    All outstanding!!

    December 25, 2013 at 1:02 am

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